16oz. (l lb.) Honeys in Hexagonal Glass & Plastic Squeeze Skep

The indulgent flavors of these organic honey recipes make hundreds of sweet treats, and there is always enough to share.  Our honey blends bottle the natural deliciousness of California flowers with no added sugars, preservatives or any other additives. 

Each bottle contains the nectar of diverse wildflower bouquets collected from California’s different seasons.  The fresh scent of herbs, fruit blossoms and garden flowers naturally combine to create luscious, complex flavors unlike any other. 

Bring the breezes through wine country, Napa valley, San Francisco bay and other gorgeous California landscapes into your kitchen with every spoonful.  Squeeze a drop onto toast or oatmeal to sweeten your breakfast or dip in fruits and nuts for a delicious dessert. 

Choose a 16oz. squeeze bottle or natural honey 1-pound glass jar of your favorite flavor.  Order for yourself or give a jar as a gift anyone will love.  
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