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Helene and Spencer Marshall appeared on Emeril Lagasse’s cooking show as well as Bobby Flay and Martha Stewart

November 21, 2019   |   Craftmanship Quarterly by Rob Waters   |   The wisdom of a veteran beekeeper 
The wisdom of veteran beekeeper, Spencer Marshall, and his experience as a California beekeeper of more than thirty years.
July 1, 2019   |   Napa Valley Register by Marty Orgel   |   Honey: Nature's sweet treat has many uses, but be sure to read the label
Like health benefits attributed to wine, honey has also proven to provide benefits ranging from reducing the risk of heart disease, lowering cholesterol, to helping reduce the risk of Type 2 diabetes.
Rob Waters
2019   |   Craftmanship Quarterly by Rob Waters   |   Greece's secret to perfect honey 
A compare and contrast of life as a beekeeper in Greece.
June 12, 2018   |   San Francisco Chronicle by Sarah Fritsche   |  Pioneering Marshall's Farm looking to pass on legacy of natural honey in Bay Area
Spencer Marshall, who grew up watching his paternal grandmother tend beehives on the family's Oregon farm, has been working with bees for nearly 50 years.
October 25, 2012   |   Wine Enthusiast by Kate Jackson   |  Top 10 bites to try in Napa Valley
From olive oil to organic honey and vinegar, California's locally grown goods are rich in both flavor and history.
November 7, 2011   |   Mother Jones by Tom Philpott   |   Honey laundering
Why buy honey from Marshall's Farm? Up to a third of honey consumed in the U.S. may be smuggled in from China. 
October 10, 2010   |   Napa Valley Register by Rose Loveall   |  The buzz around Marshall's Farm honey
Spencer and Helene Marshall have been producing high-quality honey in the Bay Area since 1993.
April 13, 2010   |   Junblog by Jun Belen   |  What's the buzz about Marshall's Farm honey?
If you have been to the Saturday Farmer's Market at the Ferry Building, chances are you've met the friendly folks at Marshall's Farm.

In Other News

Marshalls Honey was featured in an article for the November/December Issue of Napa Valley Life magazine (page 44).


Helene and Spencer were interviewed on The Gene Burns Show on January 2nd. Gene uses Marshall's Farm Wildflower Honey when he bakes his special honey bread.
Helene and Spencer cooked with Emeril at The Culinary Institute of America. The show aired on November 16, 2009, on Planet Green. We prepared 6 different courses. Each course was made with a different Marshall's Farm Honey.


The Global ARC visited Marshall's Farm. Keith Pezzoli, his wife Janice, and his son Chris, from The Global Action Research Center, traveled the West Coast to promote their mission of creating sustainable water and food practices. Keith traveled via bicycle while Janice and Chris made the trip via their Solar powered, bio-diesel bus.


Marshall's Farm Honey is featured in a fabulous article in the April 2021 issue of Marin Living Magazine

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Marshall's Farm Honey - Marin Living Magazine