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If available, these can be purchased directly at our farm or one of our farmer’s markets. The hours and locations of our farmer’s markets can be found here. Alternatively, we can ship it to you.


Honeycomb is usually available from May through September, or October.

Honeycomb is best served with cheeses on a charcuterie board. Salty cheeses like blue or pecorino are best. It can be eaten plain as well. Simply chew it up to extract the honey and spit out the wax in a napkin of course!  But swallowing a bit of wax is not bad for you. A honeycomb frame makes a lovely party display at the cheese or dessert table. The frame is hung horizontally with a dish underneath. You slice the honeycomb, and it drips down into the dish and can be spread on a cracker with cheese, fruit, and chutney.

We sell it 3 ways: 

  1. In the full frame The frames are sold by weight at $28 per pound so each one will be weighed and vary in price. The whole frame is usually 4-5 pounds, so the price is roughly from $112 to $140 per frame.
  2. In Chunks, in an 8 oz JarRetail – $16 per jar or by case, 12 per case – $172.80 which is 10% off of $16 per jar, or 12 x $16 =  $192
  3. In a plastic clamshell, like to go carton in a square approximately 4×4 inches or roughly 3/4 of a pound. The clamshells are by weight at $28 per pound so each one will be weighed and vary in price but costs usually around $20 each.


Our beeswax is pure, 100% food-grade beeswax used to be made into candles. Some folks use it in their cooking in recipes such as glazes for ham, turkey, and fish and used to coat candies and cookies. Applying melted wax to baking pans over time can create a non-stick surface. It is also used to coat cheeses. Other uses include coating wood as a protective furniture polish, to make crayons, lip balm, and body butter. Beeswax can help unstick a zipper and prevent tools from rusting. It is believed to have antimicrobial properties.

1 lb raw beeswax for $15 per pound


Local, fluffy, yellow pollen, chalky and sweet! Used by chefs to garnish soups, and granola, and used in dressings, and smoothies. It is mostly eaten raw by our customers who have found it helps boost their immunity and helps with allergies.

Used as a dietary supplement, studies have linked properties in bee pollen to wound healing, improved immunity, and decreased inflammation. It has been found to be rich in proteins, vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and lipids.

Beeswax Candles – Sold Out

Beeswax candles are healthier to burn because they release negative ions acting as an air purifier. Air pollutants are rendered harmless because negative ions neutralize them. Negative ions are emitted by some  air purifiers as well and clear the air of pollen, dander, mold, dust and germs. Beeswax candles are far superior to paraffin candles for this reason and because paraffin candles are filled with dyes, perfumes and toxins which are harmful to breath in. Paraffin wax is a byproduct of petroleum refining. The sludge from the bottom of crude oil barrels is where it comes from and it is harmful to breath in. When burned, beeswax candles are not only cleaning the air but emit the same light spectrum as the sun creating a warm glow in the room. And they smell sweet, and earthy!

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