Rare, Specialty Honey

Please contact us for availability.

Our rare, specialty honey is not always available. You can always call us at 707-556-8088 or email us – honey@marshallshoney.com – for availability.  

If available, these can be purchased directly at our farm or one of our farmer’s markets. The hours and locations of our farmer’s markets can be found here. Alternatively, we can ship it to you.

Honey So Fresh – Our freshest harvest

The flavors of each harvest vary as the seasons change, based upon the ever-changing water, wind, and minerals in the soil, like a fine wine. But people are willing to pay a bit more for “Honey So Fresh,” our freshest harvest.

Wild Blackberry 

A darker honey that tastes a bit like marshmallow and a bit like cotton candy, an amazing flavor made by nature. Often used for baking.


A rich, strong, dark brown almost molasses-type honey. Often used for baking.

Culinary Institute of America (CIA)

Harvested from our beehives at the organic garden of the Culinary Institute of America, Greystone in St. Helena, California. The honey is complex, reflecting the flowers, seasonal crops, herbs, and wildflowers growing in and near the garden.


Harvested from areas prevalent with clover flowers, light, fresh with a gentle flavor. There is only one white clover naturally occurring population in California. But purple is more common.


The Blue Gum, white flower and red flower Eucalyptus Honey offers pleasant hints of cool mint, is a woody and herbal, soulful honey.

Fairfax Wildflower

Mountain and valley flowers, many natives that grow in the unique Marin climate, some of which include star thistle, pennyroyal, anise, and eucalyptus, although they may change depending upon the season.

Fairmont Hotel SF Rooftop

Our bees on the Fairmont rooftop manage to find a bounty of flowers in the yards of the heart of the City. Our bees here are very productive and produce a wildflower blend that is rich and unique.

Lavender Infused

We run our Bay Area Blend Honey through an unbleached cheesecloth filled with Lavender flowers for several weeks until it is saturated with Lavender essence. This honey tastes like Lavender blossoms smell – perfume for your palette. 

Mount Tam

From the sunny, lower slopes of Mount Tamalpais, Marin County. This honey is dark and caramelly and has a very wild berry flavor. This honey is a fusion of native wildflowers, imported gardens, Acacia trees, Bay & Eucalyptus, the sun and mist, the moon and stars!

Star Thistle 

Voted best in the bay by SF Magazine, Star Thistle honey comes from a yellow and pink thistle. One can forgive this flower for being so prickly because its pollen produces a lovely gentle, light, but thick and flowery honey from the many pastures that surround our bay. 

Sweet Solano

Nut blossoms, pumpkin, squash blossoms, and herbal gardens make up some of the nectars in Solano County honey.

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